Description of Overview Function
Collect a Huge Amount of All Media Data
magazine; E-paper; microblog; WeChat; Forum; News Web Portals
Around-the-clock Updating and Crawling of Mass Data
Self-service Search
Personalized customization of keywords. Keywords search can be conducted by media name and industry.
Guided keyword search mode. There are numerous brand names and association prompts in the integrated database,
which quickens search speed and improves accuracy.
Revolutionary Mobile Terminal Information Pushing
Scan the Two-dimension code to add the public account of alphainfo,
It can realize both mobile terminal information pushing and PC synchronization. Therefore, you can browse information
and download reports whenever and wherever possible.
Providing a high-end customized and exclusive news centre, alphainfo is your considerate information supplier.
Friendly Client-end Interface
Friendly backstage and front-end interface to make it so easy to acquire information, generate report and make charts!
Diverse Forms of Reports
Export report format as required by one click, convenient for saving and timely sharing.
Report formats, such as Excel, Word, HTML and WeChat form, perfectly cover all kinds of reports
so as to meet different reading habits of different readers.
Bid farewell to heavy paper work.
People Insight System
Consuming Industry Monitoring; Consumption trend analysis; Consumers/ customer flow insight
It integrates products news, information, product property analysis, potential users portrait of the product, existing user portrait of the product,
product publicity channels analysis, market positioning re-matching as well as comparative analysis of all competitors.
It is a customized management system made based on profound investigation and survey of customer products and the industry
and by tracking performance of the marketing strategies.

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