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Mr. Hong, a public relations practitioner, starts his daily work with browse and searching of information of the company on that day.

His routine work is to open various kinds of search engines to search for all kinds of information about the company in an all-round way after rushing to the company early in the morning. Then, he has to select relevant reports, save by screenshot and make reports in different forms to submit to departments of the company for sharing. Time passes by even before he takes notice of it.

In case of product release or activities of the company, he will inevitably work overtime.

The point is that manual search of news cannot realize uninterrupted searching in 7 days and 24 hours each day. Sometimes, it will cause extremely bad results if the public relation group fails to conduct crisis public relations management for no early warning of negative news is given. Moreover, each big search engine platform cannot acquire all information required by Mr. Hong in an all-round way.

Mr. Hong fell distressed in the face of such a heavy amount of work.

Voice of Customer

Is there a product

can integrate related enterprise and industrial information

screen irrelevant information, make screening precise and push it to the mobile terminals whenever possible?


Alphainfo is able to customize relevant keywords of the enterprise where Mr. Hong works for. Alphainfo automatically fetches numerous data, filters and screens them in the background and finally pushes information through Email or mobile terminals at a fixed time and location.

On the way to work through public transport means in the morning, Mr. Hong can inquire information contained in the keywords defined beforehand on his mobile phone. Besides, he can use the ?Collection? function for screening and classification.

Enterprise Benefit

Since Alphainfo is available, the enterprise which Mr. Hong works for no longer needs to spend a great deal of manual work on acquisition of related information. And it is no longer to make use of various kinds of search engines, spend a lot of time on screening, collection and sorting out. In conclusion, it helps enterprise to save labor cost and improve the work efficiency of Mr. Hong.

What does Mr. Hong have to do every day is to read news information pushed by Alphainfo by making use of odd time in the morning or at night. He has only to add essential news of each day to the folder of favorite. Then, after he arrives at the company, he exports the information and shares it, which greatly simplifies working process.

Mr. Hong pays attention to it. Moreover, he pushes the ready-made report to the mobile terminal of Alphainfo. In this way, the whole department, leaders and customers of Mr. Hong no longer have to read report by the computer. They can also look over personalized and customized news at the mobile terminals whenever and wherever possible in 7*24 hours as well as make good reports.

As a public relations practitioner, Mr. Hong is also able to find out business crisis news in the first time through Alphainfo so as to pre-judge and arrange crisis public relations management and practically change from passive to active.

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