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The internet is filled with huge number of information. Does one frequently find out that it is just as looking for a needle in the ocean to look over news related to his own industry? One can only screen out information that works for him after browsing a large number of irrelevant information. It really spends a lot of time.

Is there a product that can help to push industry related information, filter out irrelevant information and screen in a precise manner?


The industry news scope of Alphainfo includes print media, TOP100 vertical websites of different industries, news portal, blogs, forums, microblog and WeChat breaking news.

Enterprise Benefit

Since the Alphainfo is available, employees of relevant industries have no longer to acquire industry information through search mode of search engines and no longer have to spend a lot of time to filter out gibberish. They have only to check relevant industries they are interested in. Then they can subscribe a copy of relevant information in connection with their own industry for free.

Grasping industry dynamics and understanding industry development vein of the industry help enterprises to set future development direction of the enterprise. In the meantime, it helps employees to have a deep understanding of the industry and acquire more knowledge as well as grasp cutting-edge technologies of the industry.

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