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Speciality because of dedication?Alphainfo helps enterprises to improve their own service quality and value

Shanghai Shuojie Information Consulting Company is a partner of Alphainfo. Besides, it is a frequent-user and strategic cooperative partner of Alphainfo Brand Top News platform. Alphainfo improves the service quality and brand value of Shuojie. And Shuojie upgrades its own service level and is widely praised by customers.

Shanghai Shuojie Information Consulting Company, established in 2010, is a provider of media monitoring service. Shuojie devotes itself to providing clients with most timely news information services and helping enterprise to timely understand the latest news information and observe enterprise crisis in a timely manner through timely and accurate media monitoring services.

Most of customers cooperating with Shuojie are public relations corporation s, including Ogilvy, Eastwei MS&L, etc. It has to ensure that the information retrieval is wide and accurate enough to cooperate with public relations corporations. In addition, it has to ensure that various kinds of media news dispatches can be monitored timely and without omission and shall be submitted in the form of report when the public relations corporations are helping their own customers to deal with public relations. Sometime, when it is confronted with crisis warning of its own customers, or public sentiment demands is of the level of 24 hour, it is hard for ordinary manual services to conduct news search and pushing in 24 hours whenever and wherever possible.

As for such requirements, the 24 hour mobile terminals of Alphainfo are able to push information whenever and wherever possible. So it can solve the whole process of manual news gathering, news sorting-out, making of reports and sending of reports to the maximum degree and realize automatic information pushing.

With the help of Alphainfo, customer service staff of Shuojie is well equipped with the ability of active and quick response in the face of customers of public relations corporations. Moreover, they become more confident, which virtually improves the service quality. The feedback velocity of Shuojie in terms of crisis warning has won the enthusiastic approval of its customers.

Another large category of customer group of Shuojie is customers engaged in fashion & luxury products. Most of them are customers working on fashion, beauty, garments, etc. Key points of media monitoring of this kind of customers are mainly magazine. Therefore, they pay great attention to subscription quantity of magazines and no missing information. Frequent readers of fashion magazine must know clearly that there are a great number of pictures showing matching of costumes and jewellery brands. Some of the contents are shown by a combination of image and text in the shape of block. So it is inevitable to omit some of the contents by manual reading monitoring. So it will be a hard course to look back upon and search brands or find out omitted information. It will not only cost lost of manual work and time but also may have inevitable problem of missed retrieval.

Too meet such demands, Alphainfo uses advanced image-text distinguishing technology to scan a huge number of magazines into the database so as to realize text informationization distinguishing and tagging management. Besides, it can inquire information of the page which the brand is on and look over the scanning copy of the whole page through search of keywords of the brand. In addition, a large number of keywords of the brand can be saved and classified in a precise manner while it is uploaded and recorded for it is uploaded and saved through scanning and recording of the whole magazine. So it is convenient to search brand name, look back upon and find out historical information, quickly export information scanning pictures and other functions.

With the help of Alphainfo, Shuojie can easily deal with increasing fashion and luxury customers to look back upon and find out information. For fashion and luxury customers depending on magazines, Alphainfo makes the magazines digital and searchable. This undoubtedly reduces the heavy burdens of gathering and sorting out of information.

Along with ever-increasing quantity of information in the social media field and Wemedia field, customer groups of Shuojie have more and more monitoring requirements from social media and Wemedia. In the face of enormous information quantity, data quantity acquired through manual search is only a small portion. Facing the challenges of big data era, how to acquire a great deal of new media information becomes a great challenge to traditional monitoring industry.

To meet such challenges, Alphainfo makes use of advanced crawler technology to fetch whenever possible in 24 hours. Moreover, it saves a huge number of internet information to the database to easily realize integration of information platforms such as microblog, WeChat, blogs and one-click search.

With the help of Alphainfo, in the face of diversified new media forms and huge number of new media information, Shuojie is able to complete search of social media information only through the Alphainfo platform. Alphainfo helps Shuojie to take the valuable information from huge number of internet information in a precise manner. And it helps Shuojie to help customers to precisely understand true intentions of consumers from social media and Wemedia.

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