1.Agreement description
1. The website ( and related applications are operated by Beijing ZEUSO Information Consulting Company Limited (ZEUSO).
2. This agreement is a legal contract between site users (including individuals, corporations and other organizations) and ZEUSO. Your visit, browse and registration of this website mean your acceptance of contract terms and conditions.
3. Any violation or suspected violation to terms, applicable laws or harm to other users? interests, we can stop you entering the website or using any service, and take legal actions.
2.Intellectual property rights statement
1. All intellectual property rights including applications, source code, trademarks, LOGO, interface design, application programming interface belong to ZEUSO. Users cannot copy, modify, distribute, or mirror on the server or use illegally.
2. This site is to allow users? access to real-time news and a wide range of information and resources. Except for special statement, any new service, feature and function is bound to this term.
3.Rules of Use
1. Users should follow below rules when using this website:
• Comply with relevant Chinese laws and regulations;
• Cannot authorize third parties to use, sell or transfer our services;
• Cannot utilize this website to design competitive products, or imitate our design;
• Cannot misuse the website to send spam emails and text messages;
• Any behavior harmful to our services and reputation is prohibited, including attacks on servers;
• Comply with all terms in this agreement.
• Password of this website cannot be shared with any third party.
2. Any violation to above rules, ZEUSO has the right to request correction or directly take all necessary measures (include but not limited to suspend or stop using and recover losses), so as to mitigate the impact of user misconducts.
3. The user's email address is the only identification information for the user warrants. When a user no longer owns or has complete control of the domain name registered on this site, ZEUSO has the right to delete all user's data. When the ownership of the earliest main domain name registered changes, ZEUSO has the right to delete main domain name and related user's data at any time.
4. The user should be responsible for the authenticity, legality and validity of the Alphainfo registration information. Cannot pretend to be others; cannot misuse registration account to mislead other users; otherwise Alphainfo has the right to stop service immediately, take back account and the user should bear all the legal responsibilities.
5. Any dispute to this agreement, please stop using all Alphainfo services.
6. The user shall promise not to do anything directly or indirectly violating Chinese laws and social morals, Alphainfo has the right to delete the content breaching above promise.
7. Alphainfo has the right to check and supervise the use of Alphainfo. Any violation to above rules, Alphainfo or the authorized person has the right to request correction or directly take all necessary measures (include but not limited to suspend or stop using Alphainfo), so as to mitigate the impact of user misconducts.
8. The user shall not in any way tamper with any information or interfere with the operation of this website, including but not limited to spread software viruses, any code or message that will interrupt, interfere or alter the website operation. The user shall not utilize this website to collect users? materials. If not permitted, this website and any part cannot be reproduced, copied, reprinted, sold, resold or used for any business purpose.
4.Protection of user information
1. This site will do best to take all measures to protect user data and personal information security. Distribute user information only based on user's instruction, and will not expose or share specific user data to any third party.
2. This site reserves the right to use aggregated statistical information. Under the prerequisite not to disclose individual user privacy, this site has the right to analyze the whole user database and use the database for business purpose.
1. This site will do best to ensure continuous and reliable operation of the software platform, but in view of the particularity of network services, this site will not assume any legal liabilities and financial compensation for all the losses incurred by interruption or termination of network service.
2. This site will do best to ensure the safety of customer data backups, but cannot promise 100% data recovery, and will not bear any responsibility for any direct or indirect losses from data loss.
3. Four to 48 hours may need to restore data from backup files, and our service is consecutive during this period.
4. Network service disruptions and long-time stopping due to force majeure or reasons that cannot control, this site will not assume any responsibility and will minimize the loss and impact brought to users.
6.Agreement modification
1. The site reserves the right to revise the agreement terms at any time. Once the agreement content is changed, it will be updated one day before the revision is effective.
2. If the user continues to use network services, it shall be deemed acceptance of the amendments made to the relevant provisions of this agreement.
7.Laws applicable
1. The formulation, implementation and interpretation of this agreement and the settlement of disputes are all applicable to PRC laws and under jurisdiction of Chinese courts.
2. Both parties have any dispute over the agreement content or implementation, should try first to negotiate and solve friendly; if negotiation fails, either party can proceed to the People's Court in the registered district of ZEUSO.
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